Myx doesn't only telecast music videos but also other forms of entertainment.

Currently Airing:

  • MYX News - features the latest weekly biz on the news on what is happening in both the local and foreign entertainment scene.
  • MYX Versions - features music videos that were remade by past and present artists; and local and foreign artists.
  • MYX Live! - features a live performance format show featuring a wide range of artists.
  • MYX Wer U At? - features a show for the youth that talks about the best hangout places, bars, shops, salons, restaurants, and the like.
  • MYX Presents - features concerts, documentaries, MYXclusives, and locally produced specials.
  • MYXellaneous - features at most 3 artists that showcase their music career and their MYXclusive specials.
  • MYX Olympics - features a jam-packed game show played by your favorite artists and celebrities.
  • MYXed Lives - features a peek of a day in the life of your favorite artists.
  • MYX Movie Date - features the latest weekly biz on the movies, both local and foreign. Upcoming movies, trailers, and MYXclusive specials from the actors and actresses are also featured here.


  • Beat U.K.
  • Coca-Cola Music Studio
  • Cyber MYX
  • Dyan Banda
  • First Seen On MYX
  • iTunes Festival
  • Later... with Jools Holland
  • MYX 3 On 3
  • MYX Adventures
  • MYX Ambushed
  • MYX Back2Back
  • MYX Bandarito
  • MYX Forum
  • MYX Halo-Halo
  • MYX Homecoming
  • MYX Sa Dos (former version of Star Music Video on ABS-CBN)
  • MYX Sa Dos F4 Edition (before Meteor Garden show on ABS-CBN)
  • MYX Sampler
  • MYX Setlist
  • MYX Studio Sessions
  • MYX Throwback
  • MYX Tugtugan
  • MYXilog
  • MYXposed
  • MYXtreme
  • Planet Rock Profiles
  • Pop My MYX
  • Red Hot MYX
  • Rhum on the Rock
  • Top of the Pops

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