Myx VJ Search 2014 was the seventh edition of the Myx VJ Search since there was no public search in 2013. It had 12 finalists and 3 winners. One of the finalists, Marion Aunor, is a singer-songwriter and pianist. Just like in Myx VJ Search 2010. The 2014 Myx VJs only served for a year.


  • Marion Aunor
  • Luigi Enzo D'Avola
  • Hazel Faith Dela Cruz
  • Mercedes Espina
  • Jose Gabriel La Viña
  • Gianna Llanes
  • Victor Romeo Lopez
  • Eunick Nicole Nobe
  • Christian Edgar Reasonda
  • Rebecca Sadhwani
  • Rafa Siguion-Reyna
  • Mark Anthony Thompson

Winners: Luigi, Gianna, & Victor.

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